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Owner Information & FAQs


How long have you been in business?
Details Property Management was started in May 2005 by Heidi Hartman. The goal of the company was and is to provide premier, professional property management services in Kitsap County by doing things properly and paying attention to all of the details required to be successful in the property management industry.

Why did you become a property manager? How many people are in your company/office and what are their duties?
Heidi’s journey into property management started in the accounting department of a full service real estate office. From there she transitioned into full time property management, a consultant for troubled property management companies and an owner of rental properties. After dealing with the more troubled end of the property management industry she decided that the only way she would do it again was if the opportunity was there to do things “right” from the start.

Heidi enjoys the challenges and rewards property management has to offer so she took the opportunity in 2005 to start Details Property Management.

What are your office hours and availability for showing properties?
As a professional property management company we work diligently to balance the demands of an industry that requires availability 24/7 with personal time. With this in mind we maintain office hours of Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We set appointments to show properties during these times during daylight hours only. We have found that weekend appointments are the most likely to be “no- shows” and legitimate tenants who are genuinely interested in seeing a property will find a way to make these hours work. We are open to setting appointments outside of normal business hours but only if extenuating circumstances require them. We realize this may not work for everyone but also believe strongly in protecting our time away from the office so that we can refresh in order to provide our clients with optimum service and a caring attitude.

What areas do you serve?
We are committed to providing premier service to our clients so we have limited the areas we serve to the greater Kitsap County area. We have found that if a property is too far away from our office location we are not as accessible as we like to be to keep an eye on the property and respond to situations.

What is your advertising and tenant lead generation procedure? Who pays for advertising? Do you have a website, can tenants apply online?
We advertise online. We post to our web site which in turn posts to numerous other sites. In addition to this we put all of our properties on Craigslist and update them consistently while filtering through the responses to find the legitimate inquiries. The advertising costs are incorporated into our fee structure so there is no “add- on” for the marketing efforts. We use a third party screening company that does allow our tenants to apply online which is helpful in our military community. Our web site also allows our tenants to set up automatic rent payments and submit work orders.

What is your tenant screening procedure? Who makes the final decision on applicants?
We have worked very hard over the past year to tailor our screening criteria and rental requirements. A copy of this is available on our web site and we recommend to applicants that they review it before submitting an application. With the trends regarding fair housing complaints on the rise we use these criteria for all of our applicants. Details Property Management will make the final decision regarding applications based on our stated criteria.

Can I dictate the type of tenants allowed?
We are committed to following all federal, state and local laws concerning discrimination. Therefore we do not discriminate in the rental, lease, or negotiation for real property based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial, status or handicap.

What rental price may I expect? How quickly can you lease my property?
In a nutshell, it’s all about price. The rental industry is closely tied to the real estate market which has been in turmoil in recent years. Due to this, the prices are very competitive. We can try for higher rental rates but it will most likely result in longer market time. If a property is priced well it will rent quickly. We do realize that some private managers have been able to get higher prices than we do as a professional management company. In general this can be due to our stringent screening criteria. We are not able to work with some of the more marginal applicants and these applicants are willing to pay more in rent to find suitable housing that will accept them. In the long run, we feel it is better to be more stringent on the front end than to deal with the clean-up at the end of a marginal tenancy.

What do I need to do to get my property ready to rent?
We require all of the properties we manage to comply with safety and habitability requirements. We ask that all maintenance and repairs are completed prior to tenancy. We require professional cleaning of carpets and ask that the unit is clean and the yard maintained. We ask that all personal possessions (including furniture, yard equipment, paint, cleaners, pesticides, etc) are removed from the property for liability purposes. We also request that chimneys are cleaned and inspected and any fuel tanks are topped off. In general we want our properties clean and in good repair prior to tenancy which then allows us to maintain that standard when a tenant vacates.

What is your policy on returning phone calls/emails from applicants, tenants and owners?
We work very hard at our level of communication and aim to have any calls and emails answered by the next business day. With the glitches that can happen with technology we do ask that you let us know if you have not received a response from our office in that time frame. We do not answer calls or emails outside of our business hours except for emergency situations.

How and when do you distribute owner statements?
Our easy-to-read owner statements are sent via email and can be accessed online using our convenient online Owners Portal, saving you time and paper. We can also send them via US Mail if requested. We use online ACH (electronic payments) to securely deposit your payment into your bank account so you receive your money even faster. If preferred, we can send your funds via US Mail in the form of a check. We like to have all of our owner funds and statements delivered by the 15th of each month. We also send year-end statements along with 1099 forms during the month of January.

How are maintenance and repairs handled? Who pays for them? How am I informed? How do I know quality people will do the work? Can I use my own vendor (or relative)?
Maintenance of our properties is a high priority. Items come to our attention from through variety of sources: tenants, move-in/out inspections, periodic walk- through inspections, drive-bys, etc. We work diligently to respond to these items, coordinate with our tenants and keep our owners informed of any problems or concerns with the property. We have an emergency phone for our tenants that is available 24/7. We attempt to inform our owners of any work required on their property regardless of the repair. When possible under landlord/tenant law timelines we will get in touch with our owners before any work is done. We utilize only licensed, bonded and insured contractors. While we are open to adding new, recommended vendors to our list we do not allow unlicensed people to handle repairs on the properties we manage due to liability and quality concerns. We require all of our vendors to conduct their business in a professional, prompt manner and to abide by landlord/tenant laws.