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Holiday Office Hours

Happy Holidays!

In order to allow our staff time to enjoy the holidays, Details PM will be closed at the following times:

Closing at 2:00 PM Friday, 12/22
Closed Monday & Tuesday 12/25-12/26
Closed Monday, January 1

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Office Hours

Our office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00 PM

Details PM Office with Flag

Details PM Office with Flag

Are Criminals a Protected Class?

Criminals are essentially a protected class in the City of Seattle.  The City Council has recently passed legislation that prevents landlords from considering criminal backgrounds when screening for tenancy.  This is a huge concern for our industry.  Details PM will continue to monitor this situation and keep discussing this issue with our local and state representatives.

Seattle set to prevent landlords from considering applicants’ criminal records

It will be interesting to see the unintended consequences for tenants in Seattle.  With increased requirements and government pressure on landlords, some may just opt to to exit the housing industry all together which will further decrease the supply of available housing.  Another option will see landlords tighten up their screening criteria to offset this mandated increased risk which will make it more difficult for tenants to find housing.

Online Reviews and Positive Feedback

We work in an industry that really struggles with online reviews. Ask any property manager across the country what they think of them and watch their reaction! Needless to say, there are a lot of negative reviews about landlords and/or property managers. Because of this I wanted to celebrate some positive feedback we have received in the last two days from some of our owners.

The first is from a review on a site:

“I am a landlord that uses Details Property Management. I am very pleased with them. One of the important things I wanted in a company, and they provide it, is a quick response to the concerns of the tenant. They have also been very prompt and efficient in doing all the things that maintain my property in the best condition for me. They will also make recommendations of improvements or potential problems I could have if something is not maintained. Payments have been prompt, choice of tenant was done carefully with all the laws followed. In summary they look out for my best interests while taking very good care of my tenant.”

The second is just a quick email that came this morning:

“We appreciate all each of you do. Thanks for the update and looking forward to continued business together. Thanks again!”

In an industry that can be pretty negative and stressful, it is a breath of fresh air to hear some positive feedback from our clients. We truly appreciate the time they took to let us know. I’d like to suggest that we all take some time to let others know some positive feedback. It is nice to be appreciated and we can all use some more positive input in our lives.

I also want to congratulate and thank the hard working team here at Details Property Management.  You are appreciated!

Thank you Details Team!

Well Done!

New Flat Fee Pricing Plans!

Details Property Management, CRMC is excited to announce that we now have new flat fee pricing plans! We know that owners have different needs when it comes to property management. That is why we now have multiple pricing plans and a-la-carte options.

Contact us today to find out which plan is best for you!

New flat fee pricing plans available!

New Flat Fee Plans!

Demand for Rentals in Kitsap is High!

Kitsap County inventory is low creating high demand for Rentals.

Demand for rentals in Kitsap is still high despite a slight increase in available rental inventory at the end of 2016. Since the beginning of March 2017 we have seen a steady decrease in inventory and continued increase in demand which is driving prices higher. Details Property Management has conducted informal surveys of available rentals in Kitsap County since 2013. It has been interesting to see the trends over time and how the rental market reflects what is happening in the sales market. Not only is it difficult to find a house to buy in Kitsap County right now, it is hard to find a house to rent and demand continues to be high.

Now is the Time!

If you’ve been considering investing in rental properties, now is the time!  We work closely with several real estate brokers in Kitsap County who can help you find an investment property that meets your needs. (Although the supply is also limited for sales.)  We would love to discuss the rental market, what it means to be a rental owner, and recent trends in legislative changes that you should know.

Kitsap County Rental Trends

Low Inventory and High Demand for Rentals

We Can Help!

We currently market properties before the current residents are out of the property and we typically start receiving inquiries within hours of posting the property online.  If you own rental property in Kitsap County let us help!

We now offer new pricing plans that include

  • Flat Fee Pricing,
  • Multiple Plans and
  • A-La-Cart Options.

Contact us today to find out which plan best suits your management needs.

Landlords Beware!

As property managers and landlords in Washington State we keep close tabs on what is happening in the City of Seattle. Our state tends to follow what the City does with legislative issues so we like to join the conversation early. Yesterday the City council passed some legislation that caps move in fees and requires payment plans that will have a huge impact on landlords in the City. It will be interesting to see the unintended consequences of these actions. I would anticipate higher screening standards and increased rent–exactly the opposite of what they are trying to accomplish.

Here’s an article with more information:

Landlords lament: Council caps move-in costs for Seattle renters

National Recognition for Details Property Management!

Details PM CRMC®

Details Staff receives CRMC!

Details Property Management, has just been awarded the prestigious CRMC® (Certified Residential Management Company) designation from the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®). This prestigious designation is held by only fifty-five (55) property management companies nationwide and is reflective of the professional commitment made to the industry by Details Property Management.

“Receiving the CRMC® designation for my company was one of the proudest moments in my professional career,” said Heidi Hartman, Designate Broker/Owner of Details Property Management. The professional designation is awarded to property management companies that have completed the highest levels of achievement including specific course requirements as well as service to the NARPM® organization. A detailed examination of the company as well as letters of recommendation from clients and peers is required to pass the certification requirements.

There are currently over 4,500 members of NARPM®, the nation’s only professional organization for managers of residential properties, from single family units to 4-plexes. Members represent over $24 billion in residential rental properties nationwide. This important designation is one Details Property Management should be very proud of and reinforces the expertise they maintain within the property management field.

New Seattle Tenant Screening Ordinance

A new ordinance regarding tenant screenings has recently passed in the City of Seattle. We are watching this issue closely as things that start in Seattle tend to make their way to the state level. We certainly hope this does not become a state wide rule. This is not good legislation for landlords or for the tenants it is trying to help.

Seattle Open Housing Ordinance Information


Rental Trends in Kitsap County

The rental market in Kitsap County continues to show little inventory and high demand.  If it seems like finding rental properties is difficult right now, you’re right.  Although this is not a formal survey, we do have information that we track at Details Property Management that shows this ongoing trend of lower numbers of rentals available.   Comparing available rentals at this time in 2015 vs 2016 shows a decline of 34%.  Although it seems that we may have stabilized for the year, we will continue to monitor the available inventory.

Kitsap Rental Trends

Kitsap Rental Trends August 2016

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